Alliance with Our Natural world

eunite harnesses one of our natural environment's oldest occupants to create nutritious food that will not only help curb the current climate crisis but also the world's food crisis through our sustainable and scalable process.

Minimal footprint - Scalable Platform

eunite’s food and ingredients are created using our proprietary fermentation technology. The amazing thing about our fermentation technology is that it is completely scalable and transferable. Any fermentation facility in the world, big or small, can grow our product with a few proprietary, low-cost upgrades. 

Fermentation technology at its core has a minimal carbon footprint. Our technology takes it a step further. Due to the unique versatility of our source ingredient, we’re able to use a large variety of cost-effective feedstocks to grow our products in the most sustainable way possible. That opens up the possibility of us operating strategically located fermentation facilities all over the world utilizing a variety of geographically specific local feedstocks to keep our outputs as cost effective as possible, while keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible at the same time.

At scale, our water, land, and carbon footprint will be better than most animal-free protein sources and significantly lower than the animal-based equivalents we are working to displace, thus ensuring that our products remain a viable and sustainable solution for food production worldwide.

Source Ingredient
Process -  Euglena Gracilis Image
Our process starts with an ancient microbial livestock, Euglena gracialis.
Feed From
Versatile Feedstock
Process - Versatile Feedstocks Image
Our livestock is then fed like any traditional food source from an extremely versatile feedstock that is regionally available to ensure it has the highest nutritional value possible.
Fermentation Process
Process - Fermentation Image
Then begins our proprietary scalable fermentation process (developed by Noblegen) which creates the base for all of the food produced.
Output Nutritious Food
Process - Food Outputs Image
Finally, using the base output, any non-animal food analogue can be produced including meat, egg, and dairy, in addition to base ingredients for use in commercial industries.

Our Four-Step Process

Microbial Livestock
To produce our finished food products and base ingredients, we begin with Euglena gracilis, an ancient microorganism.
Process - Euglena-gracilis imageProcess - Versatile Feedstocks Image
Versatile Feedstocks
From there we feed our microbial livestock using a variety of extremely versatile feedstocks that are regionally available to ensure it has the highest nutritional value and lowest carbon footprint possible.
Fermentation Process
Using the proprietary fermentation technology developed by the scientists at Noblegen, we are then able to create the base for eunite’s entire product portfolio.
Process - Fermentation ImageProcess - Food Outputs
Euglena Food System
The result is a completely animal free line of ingredients and functional products that can be enjoyed commercially as is, or used to further develop finished food products like meat, egg, dairy, and fish analogues.

Environmental Sustainability

Targeting a Greener Tomorrow

Sustainability Image - Desert converted to greenspace

The demand for protein is rapidly growing. The current system is not sustainable and in order to ensure that we can adequately feed the world's entire population, we need to look at ways to change the food system.

It was through this vision of necessary change that Noblegen introduced their sustainable food & ingredient brand eunite Foods, to address the issues of food security, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. Ensuring that we can offer equivalent nutrition to animal-based food products with a fraction of the carbon footprint is our solution to this growing crisis.

Food production is responsible for approximately 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In order to meet growing food demands farmers will need to increase food production by 70% by 2050. In order to ensure no further harm to our ecosystem, they will need to do this with the use of only 5% more land.

So how are we going to do it?

By enabling sustainable food production practices, like eunite’s fermentation technology, to scale up to a level that ensures that we’re feeding as many people as possible as efficiently as possible. 

Fermentation is one of the most sustainable and low impact food production processes available today, it’s going to play a massive role in our future food system and eunite Foods is ready to help lead the way.

Want the full story?
Impact Study

Animal-Free Meat

Our animal-free meat analogues are minimally processed, nutrient-rich, and environmentally friendly. Made from t.e.p.™ (Textured Euglena Protein) it provides you with the clean label, non-GMO, allergen free meat alternative that you've been waiting for.

All our meat analogues are:

• Mouth feel & texture that is comparable to animal meat
• Nutritionally & functionally comparable to animal meat
(including vegan protein and heme iron)
• Significantly more sustainable than animal meat
• Versatile - one product that can be used in
beef, pork, chicken, and tuna applications
• Certified Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Halal, & Organic
• Cost comparable to other animal-free meat
analogues currently available on the market
• Whole cut animal analogues (like "chicken" breast and steak)
are currently in development